Sika began developing the first admixtures for cementitious mixes in 1910, the year of the company’s foundation. Sika’s solutions for concrete producers need cost-optimized solutions adapted to the cement and the application. These solutions must be adjusted individually in ready-mix concrete works, or in concrete element precast factories.

In this Business Unit, Sika offers a wide range of concrete admixtures such as High Range Water Reducer (HRWR), Plasticizers, Waterproofers, Air Entrainers, Retarders, Pumping Aids, Corrosion Inhibitors as well as Shrinking Reducers and Supporting Products.  One further focus are Shotcrete Admixtures for wet and dry application such as High Range Water Reducers, Accelerators, Rebound Reducers and additional system compounds as well as ready to use gunite mortars.