Infrastructure Products Technology


High range water reducers/superplasticizers

Sika ViscoCrete series is a third generation mid-high range superplasticizer for concrete and mortar.   It facilitates extreme water reduction, excellent flow properties, optimal cohesion and highest self compaction behaviour.

High early strength superplasticizers

It is a third generation superplasticizer specifically designed for the production of soft plastic concrete with very high early strength characteristics.

Superplasticizers (Naphthalene-based)

A highly effective dual action liquid superplasticizer for the production of free flowing concrete or as A substantial water-reducing agent for promoting high early and ultimate strengths.

Water Reducers / Plasticizers( Ligno-based)

A liquid concrete plasticizer and water reducing agent with set retarding effect.

Air Entrainers

It is a foaming agent for light weight pumped or poured concrete or grout used in structure characterized by very high noise and thermal isolation and for low strength concrete or grout fillings.

Mould release agent

Water-based formwork Release Agent /Chemical release agent


Wax based curing membrane


A universal liquid concrete admixture for long and medium set retardation

Set & Hardening Accelerators

It is a liquid hardening accelerator for concrete and mortar.  It promotes early strength development without negatively influencing final strength.

Pumping Aids

It is a concrete admixture for addition to unfavourable concrete mixes and for the protection of concrete pumps.  It prevents excessive wear of concrete pumps and improves output.

Silica Fume

It is concrete admixture of the new generation in powder form, based on the Sika silica fume technology.


Waterproofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortars, free from chlorides.

Corrosion Inhibitors

It acts as corrosion inhibitor for rebars embedded in concrete.