Building integrated Photovoltaic

The market for Building Integrated Photovoltaic Solutions is rising rapidly. Manifold ideas for facades and in-roof systems demand a great freedom of design and made-to-measure solutions.

Sika’s versatile range of proven and certified systems in Facades and Insulating Glass meets these requirements perfectly.

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Building integrated Photovoltaic

Façade and Insulating Glass Integration

Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) is an area where architectural design meets ecological responsibility. A BIPV Facade or rooftop can improve a building’s energy consumption by providing both power and shade. There is also the challenge of getting the right balance between architectural appeal, optimal energy conversion and building functionality. Sika can call upon years of experience with Facade and Insulating Glass design to help finalize a planned solution for solar integrated design.

Direct Bonding on Roofs

Bonding the modules directly to the roof construction is a feasible alternative to the rack mounted systems. Those bonded systems may even combine shelter and electricity production. As different designs and roof constructions exist also different solutions are practicable. Though all solutions have one in common- durability and convenience in installation.

Membrane Roofs

The applications for photovoltaic integration into roof systems may be extremely varied also due to the different roof constructions. To meet this variations Sika is offering different product solutions and a comprehensive project support.