Concentrating Solar Power

In the field of Concentrated Solar Power the perfect shape of the mirrors is essential. Furthermore, the harsh operating conditions such as exceedingly high and low temperatures as well as a strong UV-radiation and high wind loads make this system to a real technical challenge.

Our range of structural bonding products which can stand such extreme conditions and allow movements to the components will successfully meet these requirements.

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Concentrating Solar Power

Bonding to the Substructure

Concentrating Solar Power plants require failure-proof components to ensure continuous power production and a safe return on investment. As a result, the adhesive to bond the mirror fixation to the mirror must show a high longevity and provide a scalable solution. These factors together with the harsh environment of the reflectors demand the use of proven systems.
The variety of fixation systems vary considerably, therefore Sika is providing an established range of adhesives and a comprehensive engineering support department to lead customers to the perfect product and application.