Crystalline Photovoltaic Systems

The demand for cost reduction and an increased panel size on one hand and new design options with reduced framing on the other hand are major tasks in the field of Crystalline PV. Our wide range of adhesives makes this demand easily feasible. Sika provides bonding and sealing solutions for framing, stiffener bars as well as for junction boxes with high resistance to weathering, UV and heat exposure.

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Crystalline Photovoltaic Systems

Frame Sealing and Bonding

Aluminum frames and back bars add structural strength to the photovoltaic module. They protect the glass edge and the delicate interiors as well as provide the means for installation. In addition to defending against moisture and environmental attack, durable and reliable sealants provide long-term bonding and a degree of protection against mechanical shock.
Sika’s fast curing structural adhesives and sealants not only carry out these essential functions, but also open up new design opportunities where reduced frame materials or larger module sizes become feasible with our high strength Sikasil AS range.

Bonding to the Substructure

The need for frames and clamps in assembling modules to a subassembly is eliminated by the property of the structural adhesive to strongly link the components together; a clear benefit in reducing the system costs. This bonding system allows a greater freedom of design making a range of different construction methods feasible, especially for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Sika provides a range of structural adhesives with various curing speeds that allow both diverse production methods and on-site bonding.

Junction Box Bonding and Potting

On electrical systems that are exposed to environmental conditions, protection of the electrical connections is vital. A junction box sealant must exclude moisture, be flame retardant, and also be a good insulator. While it is essential that thoroughly proven and reliable systems are used for encapsulation and sealing, the materials must also be optimised for the different stages of the manufacturing process.