Thin Film Photovoltaic Systems

The thin film photovoltaic systems exist of a variety of cell technologies which all face the same chal-lenges in cost reduction, process optimisation and system approach. To meet this requirements Sika is providing structural adhesives for mounting systems as well as bonding and sealing solutions for junction boxes and flexible thin film systems. Our application and process engineers will be pleased to support you in the integration of this solutions into your process.

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Thin Film Photovoltaic Systems

Bonding to the Substructure

The need for frames and clamps in assembling modules to a substructure is eliminated by the properties of the structural adhesive to strongly link the dissimilar components together; a clear benefit in reducing the system costs. As stresses from wind, snow and other mechanical and environmental impacts are homogeneously distributed by the flexible adhesive, less tension occurs in the module, thereby improving its durability. This bonding system allows a greater freedom of design making a range of different construction methods feasible, especially for Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV). Sika provides a range of structural adhesives with various curing speeds that allow both diverse production methods and on-site bonding.

Junction Box Bonding and Potting

On electrical systems that are exposed to environmental conditions, protection of the electrical connections is vital. A junction box sealant must exclude moisture, be flame retardant, and also be a good insulator. While it is essential that thoroughly proven and reliable systems are used for encapsulation and sealing, the materials must also be optimised for the different stages of the manufacturing process.

Flexible thin Film Bonding

Flexible thin film system technology is becoming more established amongst the other photovoltaic systems. As it is a lightweight solution, it is especially applicable for weight sensitive applications like roofing. However, even here, the bonding of the PV laminate to the sub-assembly is crucial. On the one hand the adhesive must be easy to use during construction and installation and on the other hand, it needs to be durable. Sika has developed a special bonding solution for this application that has a proven track record following many years in the field.