Wind Energy

Wind Energy

It is no coincidence that many of the world leading wind turbine producers rely on Sika products and solutions!

At Sika, we believe that wind energy will continue its expansion around the world on- and off-shore. We are committed to support this development with solutions allowing better, faster, safer or cheaper manufacturing processes, and with products withstanding the toughest climatic conditions.

Thanks to our long term experience, not only in the wind industry, but also in other demanding industries such as automotive and marine, we have developed a vast array of proven products solutions and services meeting today’s highest requirements.

We are also constantly innovating to create new products and solutions to meet tomorrow’s demands. To achieve this, we work together with our customers as long term partners, and we look forward to the new challenges you will present us with.

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Wind Energy

Solutions for Blades

Blades are a critical part in the overall turbine, and particular attention must be paid to their fabrication from design through to production. Sika accompanies you in every step of the process:

  • Fabrication of moulds and models
  • Manufacturing of blade shells
  • Assembling of blade shells
  • Finish and repair as well as surface protection
  • Attachment of interior and exterior elements

Solutions for Nacelles and Machine Parts

Generator, gearbox and other engine parts must be protected from long term corrosion caused by the harsh climatic conditions surrounding the turbines. Sika offers you the right solution for:

  • Sealing and bonding nacelle elements
  • Corrosion and mechanical protection of all cast and steel elements

Solutions for Steel Towers and Foundations

Towers and foundations in off-shore locations must be protected from corrosion and embellished from their manufacturing until the turbine is taken down. Sika developed user friendly coating solutions for factory application and for repair on site giving top quality protection as well top long term aesthetics.

Solutions for Concrete towers and Foundations

The concrete used for erecting wind turbine must be of a particularly high quality and precast tower elements, once assembled on site must provide a long term tight structure. Thanks to Sika’s 100 years successful experience in all construction structures, you can rely on our solutions:

  • Admixtures to improve concrete workability and performance
  • Adhesives for horizontal joints
  • Grouts for vertical and horizontal joints and gap filling