Inventing the future

In the production of vehicles, appliances and building components demand for light and energy efficient construction methods continues to increase. Sika Industry links with key accounts and the market in general to develop mutual success; aided by a comprehensive product portfolio, true partnerships are formed. Market areas are:

Automotive OEM
Sika has developed a comprehensive range of high-grade products and services for soundproofing, structural reinforcement, bonding and sealing. Sika’s global network and a sophisticated key account management system enable us to supply all major car markets and to support customers worldwide with a dedicated and experienced team. Sika engineers in Co-Engineering and Co-Design use CAD/CAE technology to perfect acoustic and structural reinforcment solutions. Collaboration with System Engineering and Technical Service guarantees customer-focused, state-of-the-art solutions.

Automotive Aftermarket
Sika specializes in products and services supplied to customers and dealers in AGR (Automotive Glass Replacement) and in CBR (Crash Body Repair) sectors. Sika’s AGR adhesives and sealants include normal-modulus to high-modulus adhesives offering guaranteed protection against contact corrosion to high-quality radio reception in vehicles with integral /window-mounted) antennae. With short fitting times and safe Drive-Away Times, they save installers time and money. Sika is offering innovative CBR sealants which are easy to apply and offers good overpaintability.

Sika supplies high-quality solutions for bonding, sealing and damping to bus, truck and rail manufacturers, special purpose vehicles like fire tenders, ambulances, agricultural vehicles and construction machinery also benefit from our expertise. Typical applications include the bonding and sealing of roof assemblies, side panels, front and rear end mouldings, luggage and stowage compartments, partitions and windows. Sika products are also used for bonding sandwich panels in truck trailer construction, levelling bus floors, attaching prefabricated cab modules to railcars and reducing noise and vibration in special-purpose vehicles.

The Sika Marine range offers the shipbuilding industry first-class solutions for general bonding and sealing applications, direct glazing, fireproofing of cable ducts, deck bonding and caulking and acoustic flooring systems. All Sika Marine products are Wheelmark Approved  in accordance with Council Directive 96/98/EC on marine equipment and leading Classification Societies, in compliance with the IMO rules.

Appliances and Components
We provide bonding, sealing, damping and reinforcing solutions to manufacturers of Curtain Walls, Insulating Glass, Windows and Doors, Sandwich Panels, Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Building Elements, Tapes and Labels, Home and Commercial Appliances, Electrical Equipment.

Typical applications include:

  • Glass bonding on metal, PVC or wooden structures with a high degree of automation, short processing times, high assembly durability and best in class energy ratings
  • Windmill blade construction, finishing and repair with higher process safety
  • Optimal assembly of sandwich constructions

Thanks to the Sika solutions, products can achieve a higher performance and they can be manufactured faster and more cost effectvively.

Specialists in Research & Development, Technical Service and Systems Engineering develop solutions for the future. The goal of this division is to support customers in improving their product quality and manufacturing process. Product lines include polyurethane adhesives and sealants, hot melt adhesives, epoxies, acrylics, silicones and butyl sealants. Sika Industry provides application solutions for the appliance, automotive glass replacement, energy, HVAC, metal building, log home, truck, bus, rail, recreational vehicle, specialty vehicle, marine and window and door industries.

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