Sika as a brand

Branding lends products a distinct identity and associates them with a specific set of values. This fact was recognized early in Sika's history by founder Kaspar Winkler, who coined the company's name and designed its logo.

The considerable standing acquired by the Sika brand over the years is a tribute to this farsightedness. Having changed only slightly since its creation, the logo epitomizes continuity and solidity. It is recognized across the globe as synonymous with innovation, quality and service. The combined word/picture trademark has proved a valuable asset throughout the world during the Sika Group's decades-long expansion.

Both the word "Sika" and the logo, with its familiar red and yellow hues, are readily accepted across all cultural boundaries.

Worldwide Trademark Protection

Given the high awareness of the Sika brand, particularly the graphic trademark, the company attaches high priority to a consistent and standardized use of the logo, and verifies compliance with the associated corporate image guidelines. Customers throughout the world can rest assured that they will receive Sika quality and service wherever they see the Sika logo. The various attempts, in recent years, to copy the logo only serve to underline its enormous intangible value for the company.

The umbrella brand Sika together with some 685 Sika product trademarks, such as Sikaflex®, Sika® ViscoCrete®, SikaBond® or SikaForce®, sharpen the company's competitive edge. Hence the crucial role of trademark protection as a management task, performed both globally, at Group level, and locally, at national level. In total, Sika held 9,477 trademark registrations in 160 countries at the end of 2012. Sika AG continuously monitors its trademarks and takes consistent legal action in cases of infringement.