Efficient Structures

Sika's business is aligned in seven target markets: concrete, waterproofing, roofing, flooring, sealing and bonding, refurbishment and industry.


Sika admixture and additive solutions enable significant improvement of Cement and Concrete quality and workability. Sika is also a reliable supplier for the readymix industry, precast manufacturers and site batched concrete.


Since over 100 years Sika is committed to proven and economic Waterproofing solutions for even the most challenging requirements. Sika considers the entire waterproofing process to the very last detail. Typical waterproofing applications are below ground structures such as basements, tunnels and other civil engineering structures. Sika also provides special solutions for drinking water reservoirs and waste water treatment plants.


Sika Roofing offers market-leading single ply and liquid applied roofing systems for new and refurbishment projects for buildings of all sizes and functions. With high-performance roofing systems Sika can look back on a unique track record over more than 50 years. Sika proven roofing solutions offer unbeatable longevity and a strong environmental performance.


Sika is the world leading Flooring solution supplier which covers floors for industrial, public, commercial and residential buildings with protection and other specific floor performances required by different functional zones of buildings

Sealing and Bonding

Sika offers sealing and bonding solutions for construction indoor and outdoor. Elastic Joint Sealing plays an important role in protection and insulation, at the same time accommodates movements between construction elements. Elastic Bonding bonds various similar and dissimilar construction materials together firmly and create unlimited possibilities for modern design.


Improving existing constructions to extend their life span has become a worldwide responsibility. Sika dedicates itself to the Refurbishment of buildings and infrastructure and helps to make them more sustainable. This encompasses long lasting, cost effective and sustainable solutions in repair, protection and strengthening.


In the production of vehicles, appliances and building components, demand for light and energy efficient construction methods continues to increase. Sika Industry links with customers and suppliers to develop tailor-made mutual success; supported by a comprehensive product portfolio true partnerships are formed. Market areas are: Automotive OEM, Automotive Aftermarket, Transportation, Marine, Appliances and Components.