Sikagard®-850 AG

Permanent clear anti-graffiti and anti-flyposter coating

Sikagard®-850 AG is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti-flyposter coating for the protection of concrete, wood, masonry and metal substrates. Sikagard®-850 AG provides a clear wet-look surface that also brightens and enhances the color of the substrate. Sikagard®-850 AG is based on polyorganosiloxanes and provides excellent performance against exterior elements such as rain, sun and temperature extremes.

  • Permanent – graffiti can be removed various times without damaging the protection
  • Poster prevention – flyposter simply cannot stick on treated surface
  • No chemical agent required for cleaning
  • Cleaning requires only cold water pressure (80 to 100 bars). Alternatively, graffitis can be removed using a simple hose and rubbing down with a suitable absorbent clean cloth or stiff brush
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Low water absorption
  • Very good resistance against weathering and ageing
  • High UV resistance and gloss retention
  • Very low dirt pick-up
  • Colour enhancement – wet look
  • Can be tinted on site with pigment suitable for solvent containing product