Dynamic development in Hong Kong

Sika has incorporated in Hong Kong since 1958 and started its business about the mid-1970s through a local distributor with technical support from Sika Japan. Due to the continued expansion of business in Hong Kong, our first office has set up in 1978. Today, Sika offers a full range of construction materials, including advanced concrete admixture, sealants, and bonding, roofing, waterproofing system, flooring system, grouting and anchoring, concrete repairing and strengthening, protective coatings, etc. Sika provides total solutions from the roof to the basement with strong technical support.

Besides for various construction purposes, Sika products are also used in industrial manufacturing. Sika supplies bonding, sealing, damping, and reinforcement solutions to automotive and shipbuilding industries, assembly of buses, lorries and railway vehicles, manufacturing and repair, and reliable and durable waterproofing sealing solutions to marine. Meanwhile, Sika also supplies glass curtain walls, doors and window manufacturing, the sandwiches panel, wind power generation equipment, and other electrical & Industrial components with innovative design and system solutions.

In December 2016, Sika has acquired Ronacrete (Far East) Ltd., one of the leading suppliers of repair mortars, tile adhesives, and other mortar products in Hong Kong.

Ronacrete is a leading manufacturer of repair mortars, tile adhesives, and other specialty products for the Hong Kong construction industry. With its excellent technical expertise, the company has built up a strong specification business over the last few decades and has established itself as a preferred partner for private and public key developers in Hong Kong. Ronacrete is based in Hong Kong and operates an efficient production facility in the neighboring Guangzhou province.

Hong Kong and Macau have a large rising demand for refurbishment. The construction market is expected to grow by more than 5% annually over the course of the next five years, also driven by an increase in public housing projects. By acquiring Ronacrete, Sika will extend its manufacturing footprint to better serve this market. The wider product range and improved market access will allow the combined businesses to fully participate in the growing Hong Kong and Macau construction market.

Innovative solutions

Sika’s commitment to innovative solutions is designed to fulfill certain basic human needs: protection against the natural elements, clean water, dependable energy supplies, advanced transport infrastructures, maintaining the value of our buildings, safer and faster travel. Sika is constantly adapting its products and systems to the changing requirements of its customers and end-users - and in so doing is continually extending the range of applications. This corresponds with Sika’s corporate mission statement: “We strengthen the positions of excellence which we have reached and develop new success potentials by constantly renewing and improving our products, systems, and procedures.”

“Think global, act local”

Sika’s research and development activities are likewise conducted on the principle “think global, act local”. The company’s central R&D facility in Switzerland is supported by regional technology centers in Germany, France, the USA, Malaysia, and Japan. This structure facilitates the rapid transfer of technology and know-how, provides close contact with the marketplace, and enables new research results to be implemented worldwide without delay. Sika regards itself as a “multi-domestic” company, which puts the needs of local customers at the very center of its business activities. The company’s products and systems, backed by comprehensive service packages, are strictly tailored to local market needs.

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