Sustainability: Innovations reduce the environmental impact of construction

Sustainability is a pillar of Sika’s growth strategy. We are committed to reducing the impact of global warming with our technologies, products and services.

Our solutions are designed to enable constructions that fully respect global and local sustainability standards, improve the environmental characteristics of buildings and provide residents with the utmost in comfort.

With emerging concerns over the enviromental performance of green products, Sika Hongkong has taken the initiative to develop a series of green products in various kinds of applications. We have a series of green products that are awarded The Green Product Certification from HK Construction Industry Council and HK Green Building Council.

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CIC Green Product Certification

HKGBC Eco-Product Directory


Incentives of choosing certified green products

To motivate the industry to adopt more green construction materials, several incentive schemes are made available. Projects that use certified green products can be qualified and earn credits in the following schemes:

  1. BEAM Plus V2.0
  2. Green Item Subsidy (GIS) of Urban Renewal Authority


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