Monocure 50

Standard Efficiency Water Based Spray on Curing Membrane

Monocure 50 is a solvent free concrete curing membrane which is spray applied to concrete and mortar surfaces soon after placing to prevent the rapid drying out of water of hydration. The elimination of most water loss from the surface of fresh concrete and mortar reduces cracking and crazing of exposed surfaces, facilitates cement hydration, improves surface hardening and reduces dusting.   Monocure 50 replaces damp hessian or PE and is easily spray applied to surfaces.   Monocure 50 is a water based spray on curing membrane which is specifically formulated to allow overcoating with cementitious renders after 24 hours and to have no detrimental effect on the bond of subsequent paint finishes.

  • Water based
  • > 75 % curing efficiency when tested according to BS7542 : 1992
  • Can receive coatings and subsequent construction
  • Low VOC