SikaGrout®-212 HP

Dual Shrinkage Compensated high strength cementitious grout for applications from 10 mm to 100 mm.

SikaGrout-212 HP is a cementitious, non-shrink, high performance grout that expands in two stages in both the plastic and hardened states (class A and C) to counteract the shrinkage normally associated with cement grouts.

Characteristics and advantages include:
  • Shrinkage compensating properties, classed as a non-shrink grout as per CRD-C 621-81.
  • High early strengths.
  • High 28 day strengths.
  • Flowable consistency.
  • Adjustable consistency.
  • Formulated to not segregate or bleed.
  • Excellent impact and thermal resistance.
  • Non corrosive to steel or iron.
  • Lab tested in accordance with AS 1478.2