Unicell® Primer

Priming, Bonding and Passifying Agent for Concrete and Steel Reinforcement

Unicell® Primer is a liquid bonding and priming aid which requires mixing with OPC to form a brushable slurry with exceptional performance characteristics. Onto steel reinforcement, Unicell® Primer forms a passifying layer, a tough flexible barrier against damaging ions and oxidation plus a strong bond to subsequent construction. Onto concrete substrates, Unicell® Primer provides enhanced bonding and a barrier to water and ion ingress. Designed specifically for use with Sika’s Unicell® range of mortars and renders, Unicell® Primer is also compatible with most cementitious mortars, renders, concretes and screeds.  

  • Water based
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent bond and waterproofing performance
  • Low VOC
  • Economic