Sikalastic®-851 R

Two-component spray applied roof waterproofing membrane

Sikalastic®-851 R is a two component, elastic, crack-bridging, rapid-curing modified polyurethane/ polyurea-hybrid membrane. Sikalastic®-851 R is applied by two compontent hot spray equipment.

  • Solvent free
  • Fast application - application with 2-part hot spray equipment
  • Fast curing - over coating with top coat possible after approx. 10 minutes
  • Seamless waterproofing membrane
  • High Solids - contains no fillers
  • Excellent crack-bridging properties
  • Highly elastic and crack bridging
  • Low viscosity
  • Water vapour permeable – allows the substrate to breathe
  • Good adhesion to most substrates
  • 12 months shelf life