Monoset® RXG

Rapid Hardening Polymer Modified Waterproof Concrete

Monoset® RXG is a prepacked polymer modified waterproof concrete designed for repairing existing floors or laying new floors where waterproofing and speed of strength gain is of paramount importance. Monoset® RXG is manufactured from a blend of non-shrink cements, rapid hardening fillers and waterproofing admixtures. Monoset® RXG will achieve a monolithic bond to most cementitious substrates and will accept heavy traffic within two hours of placement. The performance of the product is certified under the Hong Kong Concrete Institute (HKCI) Product Conformity Certification Scheme for Repair Mortars (PCCS-RM) Class S and is suitable for repairs to concrete with a characteristic strength (fcu) up to at least 33 MPa.

  • High early strength gain
  • Reduce down time and disruption
  • Water based low odour formulation
  • Excellent waterproofing characteristics
  • Conforms to Hong Kong Highways Department specification
  • Low VOC