Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Baguio Villa is a luxury residential estate located in Pokfulam, Hong Kong. The whole estate consists of 19 blocks of high rise building and they were built between 1975 and 1979. The owners committee of this 40 years old estate decided to carry-out an extensive external façade renovation works in order to prevent loose tiles and plasters from falling off on the external wall. The surveyor firm “Wealthy Gate Architects & Associates Limited” is appointed as the project consultant to provide project design and contract management services to this extensive repair works.

Project Requirement
The new rendering and tile bonding materials must achieve an outstanding performance on waterproofing and bonding.


Sika Solution

“Unicell® WF” is a cementitious waterproofing render which can achieve excellent waterproofing performance and very good adhesion to concrete substrates.
“Ronabond® Tile Adhesive” is a polymer modified pre-bagged high strength tile adhesive which provides superior bonding between tiles and render in external weather conditions.
“Ronafix® Colour Grout” is a weather resistant, durable and versatile cement based tile colour grouting mortar for filling-up the tile joints.

Waterproof Render – “Unicell® WF”
Tile Adhesive – “Ronabond® Tile Adhesive”

Project Area
50,000 m²

Project Participants

Project Owner
Incorporated Owners of Baguio Villa

Wealthy Gate Architects & Associates Ltd.

Phase 1 - Perfect Construction
(International) Limited

Phase 2 - Shun
Shing Contractors Limited